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Posted By: John Killoy

On May 22nd, the Massachusetts State Legislature gave final approval to the Supplemental Budget that included funding for the Unit 2 State Contract. Both chambers passed the spending bill and within hours of being transmitted to his desk, Governor Charlie Baker signed the bill into law. The bill became law immediately, because of an emergency preamble attached to the spending package.

Over 8,000 Council 93 members across the Commonwealth will benefit from increased wages, forced overtime protections, expanded personal leave policies, better working conditions, and long-sought job protection language.

The new contract calls for up to 6% increase in wages. Starting with a 1% wage increase retroactive to July 2017. The first full pay period of July 2018 brings another 1% wage and 1% wage increases every six months until January 2020. There is guard optimism that an additional 1% wage increase, effective retroactive to the first pay period of 2017, will be realized if state tax revenues reach certain benchmarks.

The contract also includes a number of non-monetary benefits that will greatly improve members' quality of life and afford more opportunities for career advancement and growth. Under the new agreement, members gain greater flexibility in the use of personal leave time, a cap on man­dated overtime that prohibits forcing members to work more than 16 consecutive hours, and stronger protections against transfers and reassignments. In addition, they gain opportunities for career advancement through a dedicated Training and Career Ladder Development Fund.

After more than 40 years of fighting for recognition of their designation as emergency personnel, effective January 1, 2018 all such designated employees will be credited with one day of compensatory time every January to be taken within the calendar year, whether or not a state of emergen­cy is declared. This provision recognizes AFSCME mem­bers for their dedication to making it into work under any and all conditions to provide the citizens of Massachusetts with outstanding public services.

The three-year agreement was ratified in February by an 85% to 15% margin.



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