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Posted By: John Killoy

Moroney Convention 201820180717113229AFSCME Council 93 Executive Director Frank Moroney's Welcome Speech to the delegates of the 43rd AFSCME International Convention in Boston, MA July 14th-20th:

"Good morning sisters and brothers. On behalf of Council 93's 45,000-plus members in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont…….

I welcome you to the great City of Boston!

Our union has been fighting for workers here in New England since the 1940s- and let me assure you we will be here fighting for many years to come. With the challenges our union faces, it's fitting that we meet here in Boston. Our city's spirit and determination are just like AFSCME's. This city is full of fighters, just like all of you.

What it means to be Boston Strong is exactly what it means to be AFSCME Strong. It means you never back down from a fight, and when times are tough, you stand tall.

You never quit!

We're proud of AFSCME's fighting spirit here in New England, and we're proud of the important work we do. Thousands of families rely on our human services workers to deliver skilled and compassionate care. AFSCME members working at 27 Massachusetts college campuses are the backbone of one of the most respected public higher education systems in the world. In Maine and Massachusetts, our corrections officers and juvenile justice workers put their lives on the line every day, guarding dangerous individuals in an unpredictable environment. AFSCME members maintain the runways at the Burlington International Airport, making sure passengers are cleared for a safe takeoff. AFSCME public works members in New Hampshire and throughout New England clear the snow and fill the potholes. Like all AFSCME members across the country, they do difficult work and they do it well. And they do it with great pride. The same pride they have in our union. And when times get tough, like they are right now, that's when we are at our best.

The right wing, the wealthy special interests they think they have us on the ropes. But I know you know. WE ALL KNOW that they're wrong.

We are not going to quit! We are going to rise up! And we are going to emerge stronger than ever! Thank you, my brothers and sisters and once again, welcome to Boston.



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AFSCME Council 93 represents more than 45,000 state, county and municipal employees in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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