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AFSCME College Programs

FREE ASSOCIATES DEGREE PROGRAM- It's AFSCME's mission to give you every advantage to get ahead. That's why we've partnered with Eastern Gateway Community College. Through the AFSCME Free College benefit, you and your family members can now earn an associate degree completely online–for FREE.

Eastern Gateway is an accredited community college, a member of the University System of Ohio, and is one of the fastest-growing public colleges in the country. It's an open access public college governed by the Ohio Board of Regents and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

BALANCE Go back to school while you continue to work. If you're unsure or get stuck, you'll have online access to tutoring services, your enrollment advisor and your highly-qualified instructors.

FLEXIBILITY Online classes let you study and complete assignments whenever you have time during your busy week. Each class will provide the assignment and test deadlines to help you manage your active life style.

CREDIBILITY Graduate from a respected, regionally accredited academic institution. EGCC is governed by the Ohio Department of Higher Ed and is part of the University System of Ohio.

ASSURANCE EGCC is transfer-friendly. They strive to ensure you get as much credit as possible toward your degree for previous work. And the credits and degree you earn at EGCC are transferable to colleges all over the country. LEARN MORE

LOW COST BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAM We know the cost of education can be daunting, yet academic credentials are becoming more and more important in the workplace. Further, our busy lives make it hard to be on campus every week. We want to knock down those barriers to academic success and let you focus on learning! With our online bachelor completion program, eligible students who have an associate degree or have earned 60 or more credits in their chosen field of study, can apply to attend Central State University online at a highly discounted cost.

Academics- The program will start with bachelor's level courses offered in Education and Business Administration. More programs will be added in the future. Eligible union members/organization members and their family members now have the opportunity to earns their bachelor's degree at a significantly reduced price. Courses are offered in both 16- and 8-week formats. All courses will be conducted 100% online and students can take 1 or more courses. Start dates are every eight weeks thereafter.

Who Can Apply?-Members in good standing (including Retirees), their children, grandchildren, spouses, domestic partners, and more. Family members do NOT need to be financial dependents or living with the member to be eligible. Eligible students can earn a bachelor's degree online, with low to no out-of-pocket costs.

When Can You Apply?-Apply anytime, classes start every 8 weeks.

Affordable- Participating unions and organizations are offering this to their members and their family members. Eligible students will be able to earn their degree online at a significantly reduced cost. Complete the Inquiry form to confirm your eligibility and an advisor will contact you regarding next steps.LEARN MORE



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