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While Pinheiro has an abundance of praise for the EMS workers who got him to the hospital and the nurses who took care of him, at that moment he was thinking of another group of workers who made a difference that night. "When we get weather like this people are always commending public safety and EMS workers and rightly so," he said. "These men and women save a lot of lives in times like this. But if we don't clear the roads for them, they can't do their job. As I was lying in that emergency room all I could think of was thank God the roads to the hospital were clear."
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"The past few days have reminded us all how fortunate we are to have an experienced, dedicated public workforce. While most people have been safe at home, AFSCME Council 93 members across New England have been working around the clock to make our highways, roads and sidewalks safe for passage.
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"Our union will not stand by as the top earners at U-Mass continue to receive generous pay and expensive perks while our members are denied a negotiated pay increase," said Council 93 Executive Director Frank Moroney. "We will continue to publicly call attention to this injustice until our members receive the pay raises they deserve and are entitled to under the contract."


We at Council 93 know how hard you work each and every day on the job. As your Executive Director and your President, we want to assure you that we are continuously striving to match your hard work by finding new, better and more efficient ways to provide you with the quality representation and service that you deserve. Read More
Working within a diverse array of fields ranging from correctional officers to school cafeteria workers, Council 93 members are a vital component of the essential public services that keep our states, municipalities and public facilities safe, clean, and running smoothly. Read More
As an AFSCME member, you know you always have an advantage at the bargaining table. But did you also know your AFSCME membership can provide you with a big advantage when you shop? Through the AFSCME Advantage Program, you can secure big discounts on everything from travel to cell phone service. Read More



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