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Knowing how much of a positive difference union membership makes in the lives of individuals and families; AFSCME is always working to bring the benefits of union membership to new groups of non-union workers. Thanks to our efforts, more than 7,500 home-based healthcare workers were recently recognized by the state as one union and now look forward to a brighter economic future as AFSCME members.

Unfortunately, not every organization that calls itself a union or employee association truly believes in growing the number of labor households. Rather than trying to organize non-union members, some focus exclusively on trying to lure existing union members away from their union by making a number of promises that they can't keep. These organizations (often backed by for-profit private law firms) see union members as nothing more than a tool for making money. The pattern is almost always the same: A worker or small group of workers are recruited to lead the effort to “de-certify" AFSCME and form an “independent" or “un-affiliated" organization. Often, the recruited workers are promised high-paying jobs and other incentives by the law firm or employee association behind the effort if they can deliver the support of their co-workers. They promise better representation and lower dues. They'll do or say almost anything to deceive you. And, they will ask you to sign a card or document to support their effort. Unfortunately, by the time you realize you have been misled by empty promises, it's too late and you've lost your right to change your mind. Most importantly, you have lost the quality representation of AFSCME. Don't fall victim to these scams. If you have been approached by a co-worker or someone from another organization and asked to sign a card or other document related to union representation please contact us immediately. Once you sign a document it CAN NOT BE REVOKED. Please email or call us immediately at (617-367-6045) BEFORE you sign or agree to anything. Give us the chance to provide you with the facts you need and deserve before you make a decision that can hurt you and your families for many years to come. All calls and emails will be kept strictly confidential.

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