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Congratulations to AFSCME Council 93 Executive Director Mark Bernard – our newly-elected AFSCME International Vice President for the Northern New England Region! Mark was elected by Council 93 Delegates to the 44th International Convention, which was held virtually and concluded today with the announcement of official election results and the swearing in of newly-elected and re-elected leaders.

The vote was nearly unanimous with Mark winning 27,672 of the 29,308 votes cast from our region.

As our International Vice President, Mark will serve as the voice and advocate for Council 93 on our International Union's Executive Board, and will help to shape policies, goals and objectives aimed at strengthening AFSCME on a national level. We have every confidence that Mark will help guide our International Union to a stronger future – just as he has done at Council 93.

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Fitchburg, MA- Earlier this year the Fitchburg Housing Authority was in trouble- housing vacancies were over fifteen percent, open positions were going unfilled, contractors were doing work that AFSCME members should have been doing, and employee morale was at an all-time low.

In January, newly hired Director Doug Bushman came to Local 2034 leadership with a "Pathway to Success" plan to turn around the struggling authority and asked for the union's support. Without full buy in from the members of Local 2034, who were on the frontlines doing the work, the plan was destined to fail. Local 2034 insisted on a commitment to total transparency and openness from management in order for the plan to succeed. The members knew that working together to improve the Housing Authority was in the best interest of the residents, the city, and the workers.

With the support of Local 2034, the Fitchburg City Council, and the Fitchburg Housing Authority, the $24 million turnaround plan was submitted to the Department of Housing and Community Development and quickly approved. With funding secured, the turnaround plan was put into place immediately with new uniforms being ordered, doubling of the maintenance staff, and much needed improvements to the Housing Authority developments.

As the turnaround plan was being implemented, Local 2034 negotiated a new contract that filled open positions; promoted working foreman; provides at least 2% wage increases every year; all members will receive cellphone, tool, and laundry allowances; and 14 paid holidays. The contract also established the "Cotto Rule," this unique labor/management agreement directly pays injured workers who are only going to be out less than five days and saves the Housing Authority increased workers compensation premiums.

"The turnaround has been nothing short of dramatic. Vacancy is now less than 2% and improvements are being made every day. We have every tool needed to do our jobs, contractor work is at an all-time low, and morale is high," said Local 2034-Chapter Chair Marc Cunningham. "This is all because of what AFSCME Council 93 made clear with management, it all can only be done with" Solidarity" we love this term and use it often."

To celebrate the turnaround, the Fitchburg Housing Authority recently held an Employee Appreciation Day for the members of Local 2034. Fitchburg Mayor Stephen DiNatale and Housing Authority Director Doug Bushman were on hand to thank the members of Local 2038 for their hard work, dedication, professionalism, and to recognize the work AFSMCE members do for the Fitchburg Housing Authority.

Local 2034 members have pulled together to get the job done each and every day, even though the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The members have truly exemplified what it means to be a union and are AFSCME Strong each and every day.

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Thank you Frank Moroney for your years of service and solidarity to all AFSCME members as an International Vice President! #AFSCMEStrong

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The AFSCME Free College Benefit makes it possible for you and your family members to earn an associate or bachelor degree completely online – for FREE.
Ready to learn more? We have two online info sessions coming up to answer any questions you might have and get you or your family members on the way to a free college degree from AFSCME!

RSVP Today!
Wednesday, August 19th @ 10am- https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIkdOmprD4sHdxrqy7Uz_tEPnbtv5o1oD17
Thursday, August 20th at 7pm- https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMvcOqurz0rHtKFfogkRfFO7i8DyNLazWvA

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UPDATE 8/10/2020-
Council 93 has continuted to work with MassDOT, HRD, and the Comptroller's Office on the implementation of the Unit B CBA increases and the implementation of the remainder of the Classification Study.

  • The Unit B CBA increases effective 7/9/17, 7/8/18 and 7/7/19 are scheduled to be processed during the pay period August 16, 2020 to August 29, ,2020 (included in pay advice of September 4, 2020). In the event there is an issue and it cannot be processed during this pay period I will let you know.
  • I have submitted the request to process the CBA retroactive payments to the Office of the State Comptroller but have not received a confirmation of the date they will be processed. Once I have the date I will let you know.
  • The increase of $700.00 to Step 12 effective 6/30/2020 and the $750.00 bonus for employees who remain red-circled will be processed after the classification/bargaining unit changes effective 2/16/2020 are implemented.
  • Once both the CBA increase and retroactive payments are processed we will continue with the implementation of the remaining Classification Study changes.

UPDATE 8/3/2020- After many months and a lot of hard work, the $1.1 billion supplemental funding request was signed into law by Governor Baker last week. The bill, which included the funds for the Local 2948 MassDOT contract, goes into effect immediately. Members should see the increases in their pay checks very shortly.

UPDATE 5/13/2020-
AFSCME Council 93 has been working to ensure that MassDOT and the Baker Administration took the necessary steps to get the contract funded. Yesterday we received word that Governor Baker has filed the appropriate funding request. It is included in HB4707. We will continue working to push for prompt passage in the House and Senate.

UPDATE March 4, 2020- The contract for MassDOT has been fully executed and signed by all parties involved as of February 4th, 2020. Please see the below executed contract documents and Effective Date Letter from MassDOT.

Any member wishing to appeal their re-classification has 90-days from the effective date to file an appeal with the Local. All members wishing to make an appeal, must file in writing to the Local by May 4th, 2020 with a copy of their most recent Form 30.

UPDATE 2/14/2020

URGENT: Please review your seniority date of hire! You only have until Feb. 25, 2020 to appeal. So please check your DOH and get back to the Local Before February 25, 2020.

DOWNLOAD and REVIEW ASAP- MassDOT Seniority List

UPDATE 2/7/2020- The MassDOT Joint Board will be taking the MassDOT Unit 2 Contract under consideration at its Monday, February 10th Board Meeting at 11am.

AFSCME had been participating in negotiations for a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement ("CBA") as part of the Coalition of MassDOT Unions. The other unions comprising the Coalition are the Teamsters, Steelworkers, and SEIU. Traffic Section Foreman Joe Doten, AFSCME Atty. Ashley Peel, and Local 2948 Pres. Brad Gallant, and AFSCME General Counsel Joe DeLorey have participated in various negotiation sessions.

Last Friday, January 17th, the Coalition reached what we had hoped would be the conclusion of negotiations. However, we agreed that the employer would produce the final version of the CBA and related documents for our review before any commitment is made to sign. This final review was completed earlier today. The CBA and related material is now ready for publication and review.

The CBA now needs to be ratified. After all this time, it may seem odd to have to "hurry up," but the Coalition member unions would all like to get notice of a ratified contract back to the employer by Friday, Feb. 7th, in order to have acceptance of the new CBA on the agenda for the MassDOT Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Feb. 10th. As soon as the Board votes to accept, the Employer can then immediately submit a request for funding of the cost items of the CBA to the Governor.

Local 2948 MassDOT Contract Documents (Documents UPDATED 1/31/2020)

*Any changes to these documents will be updated ASAP and will only be technical corrections, the nature of the agreement will not change.


1. Contract Salary Increases: All members of Unit B will receive a six percent increase over the life of the three-year contract running from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020. (2% retroactive to year one; 2% retroactive to year two and another 2% retroactive to year three)

2. Top Step Increase: Effective June 30, 2020, Step 12 in the Unit B salary scale shall be increased by seven hundred dollars ($700) for all employees at that step or who later move to that step.

3. Compressed Workweek: Effective April 1, 2020, MassDOT may implement a compressed workweek consisting of either three (13.34 hours per day) or four day (10 hours per day) workweeks. This work opportunity will first be offered to volunteers in the order of seniority. If further employees are needed, temporary employees will be mandated first, and then regular full-time employees will be mandated in the order of reverse seniority, provided that the top 20% of the senior employees in Units B and C will be exempt from such requirement if they chose to exercise that option.

4. Compressed Workweek Differential: Employees who work a compressed workweek that includes both Saturday and Sunday shall be paid an additional differential for all hours worked in their compressed workweek at the rate of $1.25 per hour.

5. Sick Time Option for Overtime Worked: Employees who use sick time during a workweek in which he/she works either emergency or mandatory overtime may use up to three such days for purposes of calculating overtime pay earned provided that the sick time is used before notification of overtime work requirement.



1. Classification Study Upgrades: For certain members of the bargaining unit whose titles were recommended by the outside expert for upgrades, those upgrades will be effective retroactive to July of 2016.

2. Upgrades/RECLASSIFICATIONS Other Than Through the Classification Study: A number of job titles will be upgraded or reclassified to higher paying titles as a result of market adjustments implemented through agreement between the Union and MassDOT. These upgrades/reclassifications will become effective on the date of ratification by Unit B.

3. Transfers to Unit C: Units B and C will undergo a reorganization under which some Unit B employees will be transferred to Unit C and some Unit C employees will be transferred to Unit B.

4. Appeals: Any employee who filed a JAQ during the time table for doing so under the Classification Study and who is disappointed with the failure to be awarded and upgrade may be eligible for an appeal to an outside arbitrator. If you fit in this category, and wish to file an appeal, it is important to let Union leadership know of this immediately so that steps can be taken to initiate that appeal.

5. Confirmation of Retroactive Pay Calculations: For employees who have received upgrades under paragraph 1 and 2 above, MassDOT will provide worksheets showing pay growth and retroactive pay amounts to each of you. You will then be able to review those calculations and have 30 days to dispute them. If you feel that these calculations are inaccurate, please contact your Union leadership for assistance in challenging them.



The ratification vote will ask whether you approve or disapprove the proposed CBA. The other above listed documents will go into effect when the CBA does.

As you will hopefully all have access to all the documents electronically, and in light of the target date of Feb. 7th or earlier for tabulation of the votes, we are going to do our best to conduct the ratification vote electronically as well. If you would prefer a "hard copy" of the documents and can't print them at your location, please email Jheri-Ane at jczernetzky@afscme93.org or call her at 617 367 6024, and she can accommodate you.

If you can access all of the material electronically but you still prefer to vote via hard copy, you can complete the attached ballot and mail to AFSCME Council 93, c/o Jheri-Ane Czernetzky, 8 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108. If you choose this option, please PUT YOUR NAME AND RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE, but do not put any identifying information on the ballot.

If you are OK voting electronically, either scan and email the completed ballot to Jheri-Ane, or just send her an email indicating "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not to accept the CBA. Your vote will remain confidential.

Whether you vote electronically or via hard copy, please keep the Feb. 7th deadline in mind. The earlier you get your vote to us, the better.


If you have any questions about the CBA or any related material, please email them to Jheri-Ane or call her at 617-367-6024, and she'll get someone to respond to you ASAP.


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It's time to vote in New Hampshire. New laws for this election allow everyone to vote by absentee ballot. You can submit one form and receive the primary and general election ballots. Primary ballots are available now.

The main primary contest is for Governor. Council 93 is proud to endorse State Senator Dan Feltes for Governor. He served as a legal aid attorney for about a decade representing hard working men and women and then ran for the State Senate in 2014. He's now the state senate majority leader. He's been standing up for labor and leading on issues like worker misclassification, prevailing wage, prescription drug costs, and good schools.

"Over the past several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a bright light on the important work of AFSCME members in New Hampshire and now, more than ever, people are acknowledging the value of their work," Executive Director Mark Bernard. "But Senator Feltes has always recognized their important contributions and has consistently demonstrated his respect and appreciation for front-line public employees through his many years of work in the Senate. When it comes to securing adequate funding for essential public services and supporting organized labor, Dan delivers more than just a vote. He leads the fight." READ MORE

We ask you to support our friend Senator Feltes in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Here's how:
STEP 1: Request your ballot Now!

Right now you can submit one form and receive your ballot for both the primary and, in a few months, the general election. Download the absentee ballot request form here and check the "concern for COVID-19" box. Complete the form and submit via mail, email, fax, or in-person to your town or city clerk. To look up your town or city clerk's information click here.

STEP 2: Vote and Sign Your Ballot

Shortly after submitting your request form for the primary, you will receive your absentee ballot in the mail. Complete your ballot from home. Carefully read the instructions and make sure you sign the envelope.

STEP 3: Return Your Ballot

Return your ballot to your town or city clerk's office. Your ballot must arrive before election day. You can send it in the mail or drop it off in person. You can track the status of your absentee ballot at here.

If you'd like to learn more about Dan, you can visit his website at www.danfeltesnh.com

If you encounter any issues voting in this election, you can call the New Hampshire Democratic Party's Voter Assistance Hotline at 603-GO-N-VOTE (603-466-8683), which is staffed Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 12 to 6 pm.

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We are pleased to offer a series of free webinars to AFSCME members that will support your leadership development, strengthen your union-building skills, offer you innovative strategies to increase union activism during these unprecedented times.

Register for the webinars below. If you are not an AFSCME member, join today.

When you click "Register," there is a two-part process to complete registration for the classes:

  1. Verify your membership number, and
  2. Register for the class
If you don't know your membership number, there is a process built in to help.

Tuesday, July 28 at 3PM ET / 12PM PT

Today's global pandemic has created some unique challenges for facilitating face-to-face meetings and trainings. Created specifically for AFSCME council, local staff and member educators, this workshop will evaluate various tools and methods you can use during virtual trainings to increase interaction, engage your audience, and magnify content in an exciting way.


Thursday, July 30 at 3PM ET / 12PM PT

This webinar will guide AFSCME leaders through the tools needed to continue the vital work of your local union, and even increase member involvement in your local union during these uncertain times. Participants will learn the constitutional requirements for holding union meetings virtually, how to utilize a video conference platform, the best practices for virtually making and voting on motions, ensuring your meeting is secure, and more.


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Dear AFSCME Local Union President:

We are writing to inform you of some important action taken by the Council 93 Executive Board at the board's last meeting, which was held online or "virtually" on Saturday, July 11th.

Based on the recommendation of the board's Finance Committee, the full executive board voted unanimously to cancel the upcoming Council 93 Legislative Conference scheduled for September 11th – 13th in Danvers, MA.

As stated in the Finance Committee report, the recommendation was based on "COVID-19 related dangers; restrictions imposed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker that severely limit crowd sizes at events and conferences; and most importantly - out of concern for the health and safety of Council 93 members and union staff."

Fortunately, we have already received confirmation from the Doubletree by Hilton North Shore/Boston that we will not incur any charges related to this cancellation.

For those who may be concerned about the political endorsements that we make at our legislative conferences, it's important to remember that the executive board has the power to handle endorsements. In fact, at the virtual meeting on Saturday, July 11th, the board voted to endorse David Zuckerman for Governor of Vermont; Dan Feltes for Governor of New Hampshire; and Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives. The endorsement votes taken by delegates on the floor of our legislative conferences are votes to support our eboard resolutions making those endorsements. These floor votes simply represent an extra level of support for our endorsements. So rest assured, we will still be very active in the upcoming November elections.

As you know, these legislative conferences also serve to help guide the union on legislative priorities. However, they are not the only method of providing guidance or suggestions to the union, when it comes to legislative issues. In fact, given that many legislative issues (both positive and harmful) surface throughout the year and often well after legislative conferences are held, our union is constantly shifting and adapting to address these issues. One such example is the so-called police reform bill that was filed just last week in Massachusetts, where we have been working with other public-sector unions to amend the bill in a manner that would remove or change sections of the bill that would be harmful to all public-sector workers. This includes removing provisions that eliminate so-called "qualified immunity" sections of the bill that would make all public-sector workers vulnerable to personal lawsuits.

With that in mind, we encourage anyone who wishes to discuss or advance a legislative priority to contact Jim Durkin, Council 93's Legislative and Political Action Director. You can either email Jim at jdurkin@afscme93.org or call him at any time day or night at 978-866-2283. Jim is also available to assist your local in any local or regional political endorsements you may wish to make, as endorsements in these races are not handled by the Council 93 Executive Board.

In closing, we thank you for your understanding and for all you have done and continue to do to ensure continued delivery of essential public services during the pandemic. We look forward to re-uniting our AFSCME Family in 2021 at the Council 93 Biennial Convention in Danvers.

In Solidarity,

Mark Bernard Charles C. Owen Jr.
Executive Director President

Posted By: Council 93
The Massachusetts House is now in session and will soon begin debating police reform legislation. AFSCME members still have time to contact their state representatives in support of the critical amendments listed below.

Contact information for your state representative including email addresses and phone numbers can be found by entering your home address in this link:


Members with any questions are welcome to call Jim Durkin anytime day or night at 978-866-2283.

Amendment #157
Filed by State Representative Tackey Chan, this amendment would strike a provision that would strip our law enforcement and corrections officers of so-called qualified immunity - a long-standing legal protection that protects these men and women from lawsuits targeting their personal assets. Removal of qualified immunity has far-reaching implications that demands thoughtful research and consideration. This amendment would require an in-depth legal study of the ramifications of eliminating qualified immunity by a committee that includes legal experts and a representative of the Supreme Judicial Court - before any such measure becomes law.

Amendment #30 and Amendment # 72
Filed by State Representative Tim Whelan and State Representative David Robertson respectively, these two amendments would rightfully ensure that county corrections officers, whose duties and responsibilities are substantially different from police officers, are not subject to the provisions of this legislation. Among the corrections professionals that would be protected by these amendments are our brothers and sisters in working as Suffolk County Corrections Officers in AFSCME Local 419.

Amendments #151 #153 and #159
Since the senate bill was passed last week, Council 93 has been working closely with our campus police officers in Local 1067, key state legislators, and Association of Chiefs of Police of the State Universities. Our work has been focused on making technical but important changes in the house bill – changes that ensure our dedicated law enforcement professionals working to protect students, faculty and staff on our public higher education campuses are adequately trained and remain properly licensed to carry out their duties and exercise their powers as police officers. These amendments, filed by State Representative Angelo D'Emilia, build on work already accomplished over the past week BEFORE the house bill was released by the House Ways and Means Committee on Sunday. Council 93 thanks State Representative Paul Tucker and State Representative Hank Naughton for their assistance in helping us make many important technical corrections to the original house bill.

Amendment # 155
Filed by State Representative Tackey Chan, this amendment would provide for due process protections for law enforcement professionals who are subject to the new certification standards in the legislation by providing them with an unbiased appeal venue in matters related to disciplinary action including suspension or termination. Specifically, it would allow for an appeal before the Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA).

Amendment # 75
Filed by State Representative Michael Finn, this amendment would provide for stronger law enforcement representation on the newly-proposed certification board. Given the proposed vast powers that would be granted to the board, it is vital that our brothers and sisters in law enforcement have fair and balanced representation from people with experience in the profession.

Amendment # 156
Filed by State Representative Tackey Chan, this amendment seeks to protect the privacy of law enforcement professionals by striking a section of the legislation that would allow for the private medical records of a law enforcement professionals to be used in a case against the officer.

Council 93 is currently reviewing all of the nearly 200 amendments filed for this legislation. Please check back frequently for additional information and updates.

Thank you in advance to all Council 93 members for taking the time to make calls on these important amendments.

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Canobie Lake Park is back!

AFSCME Council 93 members are eligible to purchase discounted print-at-home tickets for $35.00 each ($4 off the $39.00 regular admission rate!) for the 2020 season! Each ticket purchased will be vaild for any one operating day during the 2020 OR 2021 season.

Click HERE to enjoy all the rides and attractions at Canobie Lake Park!

Use password "AFSCME93" to receive the discounted price!

The Park is a bit different this year, but be confident that the safety of Guests, Team Members, families and community has always been and will always be top priority. Before going to Canobie Lake Park, please review the health and safety information and video at canobie.com/updates.

All Guests will need to make a FREE Reservation for a specific date and entry time before arriving at the Park, subject to availability. Guests can make a FREE Reservation by following the steps at Canobie.com/updates.

Day of reservations will be permitted if space is still available. However, even if a Guest has a ticket, they will not be allowed into the Park without a reservation made online.


Currently, all guests over the age of 3 will be required to wear face coverings during their visit, The only permitted exceptions are:

While physically on most rides or attractions as our Team Members will load guests using proper distancing methods,

While consuming food and beverage in or around our food service locations and patios where distancing will be enforced, and

When in a marked "Mask Free Rest Area" where social distancing will be enforced.

Guests who either do not wish to wear a face covering or are not able to wear a face covering for any reason are respectfully asked to postpone their visit and reschedule when these restrictions are no longer imposed. All guests are required to bring their own face coverings. Face coverings must be either surgical masks and/or cotton masks that cover both the nose and mouth.

Advance reservations and advance ticketing will be required. No admission tickets will be sold on-site.

Sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility including all attractions.

Social Distancing will be enforced throughout the Park, in queue lines, food stands, etc.

Temperature checks and COVID health screening questions will be administered prior to entry.

Social Distancing will be enforced in or at all attractions (which may mean not all attractions will be full).

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