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In addition to enjoying- top-notch representation at the bargaining table, AFSCME members have access to in-depth classroom and online training programs, valuable member discounts, college scholarships and more. Members also have ability to actively shape who we elect to public office. Read more about some of the many benefits that come with being an AFSCME member below:

Education and Training

Steward's Training
AFSCME Stewards in Action (ASIA) is a comprehensive curriculum for training union stewards designed to strengthen local unions by building the skills of current or aspiring stewards. The curriculum includes 15 hours of classroom training and covers both technical skills related to grievance handling as well as techniques to enhance member involvement in the union. The program uses the AFSCME Steward Handbook as a primary resource. This is a union-building course that gives stewards practical methods to represent and mobilize workers. Participants also receive an overview of basic labor laws, and AFSCME history and structure. All AFSCME members are encouraged to attend a steward training program...

AFSCME Advantage Member Discounts

Valuable Shopping Discounts and Services Available through AFSCME Advantage
As an AFSCME member, you know you always have an advantage at the bargaining table. But did you also know your AFSCME membership can provide you with a big advantage when you shop? Through the AFSCME Advantage Program, you can secure big discounts on everything from travel to cell phone service...


With the cost of a college education constantly on the rise, AFSCME members are finding it more and more difficult to meet the costs for themselves and their children. See if AFSCME can help by checking out these scholarship opportunities available exclusively for AFSCME members...

PEOPLE Political Action

For public employees, the people we elect determine the quality of our lives and our livelihood. Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health and safety, and even whether we have jobs at all are influenced tremendously by the individuals we elect to office...


Show your AFSCME pride buy shopping for a wide-range of products and apparel emblazoned with the AFSCME name and logo. Choose from dozens of quality items all made in the USA by hard-working union members like us...


Knowing how much of a positive difference union membership makes in the lives of individuals and families; AFSCME is always working to bring the benefits of union membership to new groups of non-union workers. Thanks to our efforts, more than 7,500 home-based healthcare workers were recently recognized by the state as one union and now look forward to a brighter economic future as AFSCME members...

AFSCME Council 93

AFSCME Council 93 represents more than 45,000 state, county and municipal employees in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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