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PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality)

Across the country, public services and public service workers are under attack. The battles we face show us what's at stake. Our wages, our benefits, our working conditions, our jobs and our very union hang in the balance. For public employees, the people we elect determine the quality of our lives and our livelihood. Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health and safety, and even whether we have jobs at all are influenced tremendously by the individuals we elect to office. Politics is part of who we are as AFSCME and AFSCME PEOPLE is our lifeline.

Through PEOPLE, we help elect candidates who stand for what matters to AFSCME members. With PEOPLE, we've run legislative campaigns and elected officials at every level of government, from school board officials to the President of the United States. Your contribution helps pay for everything a campaign needs to be successful, from phone banks to flyers, from rally signs to media campaigns.

For more information on PEOPLE including having an AFSCME PEOPLE representative attend a meeting of your Local email Council 93 or follow this link to learn more.

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AFSCME Council 93 represents more than 45,000 state, county and municipal employees in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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