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Staff Directory

First NameLast NamePositionOffice PhoneE-mail AddressOffice
Lila Beaulieu Maine Office Secretary(857) 990-3092lbeaulieu@afscme93.org Maine
Mark BernardExecutive Director (617) 367-6033mbernard@afscme93.org Boston
Ernie Castle Staff Representative - New Hampshire (603) 606-6724ecastle@afscme93.org New Hampshire
William (Bill) ChiassonMetro Coordinator(617) 367-6042wchiasson@afscme93.org Boston
Cathy Chapman South Shore Office Secretary (774) 202-8065cchapman@afscme93.org South Shore
Michael CooganSouth Shore Coordinator(774) 425-3221mcoogan@afscme93.org South Shore
Judy CoughlinBusiness Office Administrative Assistant(617) 367-6004jcoughlin@afscme93.org Boston
DoloresCoxLegal Administrative Assistant(617) 367-6027dcox@afscme93.orgBoston
Sean R. Cronin Associate General Counsel/Staff Representative - North Shore (617) 367-6030scronin@afscme93.orgBoston
Jheri-Ane Czernetzky Human Services and Higher Ed Secretary (617) 367-6024jczernetzky@afscme93.org Boston
Joseph DeLorey General Counsel (617) 367-6044jdelorey@afscme93.org Boston
Erin DeRenzis Assistant General Counsel (617) 367-6029ederenzis@afscme93.org Boston
Jim Durkin Director of Legislation, Communication & Political Action (617) 367-6012jdurkin@afscme93.org Boston
Paul FariaHuman Services Coordinator(774) 202-8066pfaria@afscme93.org South Shore
Eileen Glasheen Western, MA Office Secretary (413) 668-2201eglasheen@afscme93.org Western
Sylvia Hebert Staff Representative - Maine(857) 990-3093shebert@afscme93.org Maine
JamieHendersonLegal and Metro Secretary(617) 367-6035jhenderson@afscme93.orgBoston
Bobby Jones Staff Representative- New Hampshire and North Shore (603) 606-6728bjones@afscme93.org New Hampshire
SheilaKearnsStaff Representative- South Shore and Higher Ed(774) 202-8067skearns@afscme93.orgSouth Shore
John Killoy Assistant Director of Legislation, Communication & Political Action (617) 367-6038jkilloy@afscme93.org Boston
Chris Kilmer Staff Representative - New Hampshire (603) 606-6725ckilmer@afscme93.org New Hampshire
JohnLimAssociate General Counsel(617) 367-6041jlim@afscme93.orgBoston
Steve LyonsField Services Director(603) 606-6726slyons@afscme93.org New Hampshire
Jim Mackie Staff Representative - Maine(857) 990-3090jmackie@afscme93.org Maine
JoeMalinowskiStaff Representative- Western, MA(413) 668-2202jmalinowski@afscme93.orgWestern
GarrettMahoneyStaff Representative- Metro(617) 367-6040gmahoney@afscme93.orgBoston
Carol Markland Staff Representative - North Shore (781) 425-7870cmarkland@afscme93.org North Shore
Eric McKenna North Shore Coordinator (781) 425-7867emckenna@afscme93.org North Shore
DanMorseStaff Representative- Metro, Human Services, North Shore, Higher Ed781-425-7869dmorse@afscme93.orgNorth Shore
Eddie NastariField Services Director- Massachusetts (617) 367-6022enastari@afscme93.org Boston
DavidMurrayMembership Development Coordinator(617) 367-6045dmurray@afscme93.orgBoston
Anna Owen Executive Secretary (617) 367-6015aowen@afscme93.org Boston
Charles Owen President (617) 367-6017cowen@afscme93.org Boston
Ashley Peel Associate General Counsel/Staff Representative (617) 367-6032apeel@afscme93.org Boston
Patty Price Credit Manager (617) 367-6001pprice@afscme93.org Boston
Debbie Schofield North Shore Office Secretary (781) 425-7865dschofield@afscme93.org North Shore
Kim SylviaHigher Education Coordinator(774) 202-8069ksylvia@afscme93.org South Shore
Scott Taveira Staff Representative - South Shore (774) 202-8068staveira@afscme93.org South Shore
Julie TaylorBusiness Manager (617) 367-6007jtaylor@afscme93.org Boston
Wendy Thacker Vermont Office Secretary (802) 855-2853wthacker@afscme93.org Vermont
Tracy Thompson Membership Services Secretary (617) 367-6008tthompson@afscme93.org Boston
WendyTimmonsStaff Representative- Western, MA (617) 668-2203wtimmons@afscme.orgWestern
David Van Deusen Staff Representative - Vermont (802) 855-2854dvandeusen@afscme93.org Vermont
CoreyWilliamsAssociate General Counsel/Staff Representative (781) 425-7866cwilliams@afscme93.orgNorth Shore
JessicaWemetteStaff Representative- Western, MA(413) 668-2204jwemette@afscme93.orgWestern
NolanYoungAssociate General Counsel(617) 367-6002nyoung@afscme93.orgBoston

AFSCME Council 93

AFSCME Council 93 represents more than 45,000 state, county and municipal employees in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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