Council 93 Legislation Seeks to Reward MA Frontline Public-Sector Workers

Bill HD1794, filed by Rep. Jon Zlotnik at the request of AFSCME Council 93, recognizes the bravery, sacrifice, and service of Massachusetts’ frontline public-sector workers who have been required to work outside of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic with a three-year credit towards their retirement.

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For almost a year now, tens of thousands of essential Massachusetts public-sector workers have been faithfully reporting to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the continued delivery of critical public services.

Despite personal risk to themselves and their families, they leave the safe confines of their homes every day to provide the vital public services that the people of Massachusetts rely on and often take for granted.

  • Our state human services workers continue to provide quality compassionate care to our most vulnerable populations.  
  • The men and women in public works departments continue to maintain vital infrastructure systems. Our public safety professionals continue to work tirelessly in correctional facilities, keep our communities safe, and respond to emergencies.  
  • Our public health inspectors continue to ensure we are protected by safe standards and regulations.  
  • Our school nurses have shifted to doing important contact tracing work to limit the spread of the virus, while other school support staff have been ensuring the continued delivery of nutritious meals to hungry children.
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