Led by State Senator Marc Pacheco, State Senate Votes to Maintain 72 State-Operated Beds at Taunton State Hospital 05/24/2012

Just minutes ago, the State Senate voted in favor of an FY13 budget amendment that calls for maintaining 72 state-operated beds at Taunton State Hospital. The amendment, filed by AFSCME’s good friend Senator Marc Pacheco, was co-sponsored by 22 Democratic and Republican Senators and received unanimous support in the final roll call vote, including the support of Senate President Therese Murray who asked the Senate Clerk to record her in favor of the amendment.

Senator Pacheco’s amendment also includes language creating a comprehensive study committee that will be charged with ensuring that adequate, comprehensive mental health services are available in every region of the state. AFSCME Council 93 was given a seat of the committee.  

Given the differences between the House and Senate budget, the future of Taunton State Hospital must now be resolved by a six member house senate conference committee. However, today's action in the Senate is a major step forward in our long battle to save the hospital.

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