Tell Congress to End the Windfall Elimination Provision

Are you and/or your spouse counting on a public pension AND social security benefits to earn enough money in your retirement years?

If so, you should know that the social security benefits you are planning to receive will be drastically reduced - and in some cases completely eliminated - due to a federal law that wrongfully strips hard-working people of the full Social Security benefit they earned and paid for, simply because they are also entitled to a public pension benefit.

Under current law: The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) will significantly reduce your social benefit if you plan to collect a public pension from a job not covered by a social security benefit – even if you are entitled to a social security benefit from work you did before you started your public-sector job.

Contact your Congressional Representative to help end the WEP Today!

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The Government Pension Offset (GPO) will significantly reduce any survivor’s benefit your spouse may be entitled to in the event of your death if your spouse collects a public pension from a job not covered by social security – even if they are entitled to the survivor benefit based on their spouse’s past work in a social security covered job.

The WEP or GPO currently strips thousands of dollars a year from retirees and you won’t see it in any estimate of benefits you may have received from the Social Security Administration. If we don’t fix it now, someday it will hurt you and your spouse in your retirement years.
Fortunately, a proposed law in Congress would eliminate the WEP and GPO and ensure you and your spouse receive the full social security benefit you paid for and should be entitled to receive.

According to the Social Security Administration, more than 105,000 MA, NH, ME, and VT retirees are hurt by the WEP and nearly 50,000 surviving spouses are impacted by the GPO. Many are harmed by both!

If we don’t stop this now YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE WILL BE NEXT!

Right now, H.R. 82 is the only bill in Congress that effectively eliminates the WEP and GPO once and for all.