A few moments ago, AFSCME Council 93 Unit 2 members working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts voted to ratify a new three-year contract worthy of their hard work, and most importantly, their

After more than a year of intense negotiations, the Alliance- AFSCME-SEIU Local 888 Unit 2 has come to an agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on a new 3-year contract from July 1st, 20

On July 21st,  the Joint Committee on Public Service will be holding hearings on 

There is good news for AFSCME members looking to pursue higher education. AFSCME Free College has made its bachelor’s degree completion program a permanent benefit.

That means that AFSCME members and their families can earn a bachelor’s degree for free, making an even wider choice of career options a possibility for more people.

Here’s a sure sign of new leadership in Washington. There’s a renewed push to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, an idea that went nowhere when the Trump administration and anti-worker members of Congress were in power.

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate passed an unnecessary and divisive “Right-to-Work” bill out of their chamber. We'll be blunt, this bill will drive down wages, benefits and workplace safety across the state. As we head to the House of Representatives, we’ll continue to fight this bill with everything we have.

The coronavirus pandemic won’t be controlled until states, cities, towns and schools – and particularly health departments – have the funding they need from the federal government, says AFSCME Retiree Sue Conard.

Conard should know. She spent 24 years as a public health nurse serving Wisconsin’s La Crosse County. One of her many areas of expertise? Immunization.

Call today to urge Congress to Fund the Front Lines!
Senate call in # 1.888.981.9704
House call in # 1.855.329.5629
Americans agree — 74% of the public says it’s “extremely important” for federal aid to prioritize states, cities, counties and schools, especially Medicaid and education.

For nearly a year, public service workers –

The U.S. Conference of Mayors has sent a letter to Congress that echoes what AFSCME has been saying for months: It’s long past time to robustly fund the front lines.

In his first days on the job, President Joe Biden has taken swift executive action to protect and empower public service workers, strengthen public services and help working people. On his first day alone, he signed 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations that showed the kind of bold leadership our country needs now.

Tell the GIC not to raise healthcare costs on working families!
The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) will be holding a series of virtual public listening sessions prior to making important decisions on plan designs and costs for the coming benefit year.
Attend a virtual session to tell the GIC not to raise healthcare costs on working families.

Sessions will be held: