The Massachusetts State Legislature continues to fail us in their responsibility to reach an agreement on the final FY2023 fiscal year "close out" supplemental budget, thereby preventing the fundin

AFSCME supports a proposal in Congress to ease the financial burden on child care professionals who provide meals and snacks.

Today, AFSCME Council 93 Unit 2 members working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts voted to ratify a new one-year contract that recognizes the hard work and dedication Council 93 members bring to their jobs each and every day.

Council 93 worked hard to secure a contract agreement that reflected the work our members do to provide essential public services to the Commonwealth. The contract, which provides an 8% wage increase over the next fiscal year and a new pool of state funds to address classification and pay discrepancies in state service, passed by an overwhelming majority.


The Alliance, AFSCME-SEIU Local 888 Unit 2 has come to an agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on a new 1-year contract from July 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2024.

Every year on April 22 — Earth Day — communities across the globe celebrate our environment and commit to making it healthy for future generations.

This Earth Day, I’m thinking about the 50,000 AFSCME members who work in green jobs, protecting and caring for our planet. Whether they’re leading nature walks in our county or state parks, making public buildings more energy efficient and resilient to climate disasters, or making sure our waterways are clean, AFSCME members are at the heart of healthy communities.

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