The results of the 2012 Election represented a major victory for labor unions across the nation, but few regions of the country fared as well or better than the four states represented by AFSCME Council 93.

Solid victories in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have Council leaders and members celebrating this morning and taking great pride in their grassroots efforts that helped recapture a U.S. Senate seat, two Republican Congressional seats and deliver 22 Electoral College votes towards President Barack Obama’s impressive re-election victory.

Mitt Romney's Say Anything Strategy
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As we enter the final days of the 2012 presidential campaign, let's take a moment to consider a quality that Americans have valued in our leaders since the birth of our great nation: Integrity.

President George Washington summed up the importance of integrity when he wrote that "the character of an honest man" is "the most enviable of all titles."

Council 93 leaders and activists from across the four-state region gathered in Danvers, MA this past weekend for the Council’s 16th Biennial Legislative Conference. 

Paul Moreno: How Public Unions Became So Powerful
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Public-employee unions and the entire labor movement play a vital role in broadening the middle class in our nation. It is no coincidence that workers' wages have risen when unions are strong and have fallen when unions and workers' rights are weakened.

Golfers of all skill levels hit the links on July 20 for 18 holes of fun, relaxation and friendly competition all aimed at a great cause – raising money for Council 93’s M. Michael Botelho Scholarship Fund. 

Earlier this month, Gov. Deval Patrick vetoed a $5 million budget item to keep 45 beds at Taunton State Hospital. Then the state’s Senate and House of Representatives voted unanimously to override Patrick’s veto, throwing a wrench into the administration’s plan to shut down the Taunton facility.

Senate overrides governor’s veto, protects Taunton State Hospital

BOSTON - State Sen. Marc R. Pacheco, D-Taunton, announced that the Senate voted Thursday, July 12, to protect mental health services in the state by overturning two of Governor Patrick’s vetoes.

Our View: Override Patrick's veto on Taunton State Hospital
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Gov. Deval Patrick's Community First Initiative, his justification for vetoing the plan to keep several dozen beds open at Taunton State Hospital for the mentally ill, aims to provide "care to individuals with disabilities in appropriate settings."