With the critical 2022 primary election less than three months away, leaders of AFSCME Council 93 have voted unanimously to place their support behind a group of four candidates seeking statewide office in Massachusetts.

The votes were held on June 11, at the quarterly meeting of the Council 93 Executive Board in Portland, Maine.  Council leaders also voted to endorse in the races for Governor of New Hampshire and Lt. Governor of Vermont.   

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived at a time when our nation’s health care workers were already experiencing burnout. The National Academy of Medicine, in a report from 2019, said that 35% to 54% of nurses and physicians in the United States had “substantial symptoms of burnout.”

Then things got worse.

Earlier this week, Local 2948 President Brad Gallant and Local 3485 President Kevin Drake spoke to The Boston Globe about the chronic understaffing and underfunding at the more than 140 parks, reservations, reservoirs, and beaches managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.
A state-commissioned report released in December found that full-time staff at DCR has dropped by 300 since 2009, about 25 percent, while the use of

If you are one of the thousands of Massachusetts residents or visitors who will enjoy the thrill of catching a trout this Memorial Day weekend, know that before that fish ended up on the end of your line it was the hard work of dedicated AFSCME members with Local 2948 who helped put it there. While the MassWildlife Technicians cannot reel it in for you, their hard work and dedication makes sure that the fish are there for the public to enjoy.

CJ Alicandro (left) is pictured with a few of their colleagues. Photo credit: AFSCME Council 75.

CJ Alicandro (left) is pictured with a few of their colleagues. Photo credit: AFSCME Council 75.

AFSCME Council 93 is delighted to announce that we have come to agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on providing significant, permanent wage increases for critically important state employees.  These employees include more than 5,000 human service workers in the Departments of Developmental Services, Mental Health and Youth Services, all of whom provide direct care services to the State’s most vulnerable populations throughout the Commonwealth. 

This is a critically important budget alert for AFSCME public sector employees in Massachusetts!