A Better MIT Library Hack October 16th

The MIT Libraries' mission is to contribute to a better world with openness, transparency, curiosity, and inquiry, and by pursuing social justice and an ethic of care. Today staff of the Libraries are taking an important step towards achieving this goal- by publicly working to form a union with AFSCME Council 93.

We’re unionizing because we care about the health of our workplace. We hope to improve that environment by pursuing these goals:

  • Negotiating higher salary for staff & fair compensation for the level of work being done
  • Developing promotion paths for all staff
  • Advocating for term positions for temps who are stuck in such positions for too long, and a limit to the use of term positions for long-term work
  • Eliminating the practice of competition for ratings and thus raises for staff
  • Reviewing the benefits package to compare with local universities
  • Requiring managerial training for all people managing any FTE
  • Limiting call hours for infrastructure and enterprise folks so they are not defacto on call 24/7
  • Closure with full pay from 12/24-1/1
  • Humane closing/lateness/absence policies for snow closures and T failures
  • And more, as we continue to develop feedback from across all departments within the libraries By unionizing we're working to build #aBetterMIT- we hope you'll join us