I support unions because I believe it is the best way to ensure a fair, equitable, and transparent

In general, I think unions should be the default for all workplaces.

A union will enable my colleagues and I to come together as a collective voice to push for reducing disparities. We all deserve equal opportunities in the workplace.

I support unionization because I believe workers should have a place at the table for decisions that affect their wellbeing and advancement opportunities. When workers are empowered to thrive, the entire organization benefits from better outcomes. 

I support unionization because I want a say in my future at Dartmouth. I spent ten years here without any path for promotion or advancement available to me. With a union we can bring more equity to compensation and make sure raises are guaranteed in the long term for all our staff members.

Everyone that works in the library plays an important role in keeping the heart of this institution beating and supporting the academic activities that Dartmouth is proud of. Because of this, I think we deserve to have input in the decisions made that directly affect us, as well as transparency from the College administration. 

Our union will make equity more than just an HR buzzword. Our union will restore a transparent promotion system and open it to all library staff. Our union will give us greater control over the work that we do and how we are compensated. Our union will give a voice to those among us who are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. We, the workers, will come up with a contract that will guarantee greater transparency and equality.

The best way to secure a dynamic, innovative, and effective Library is through bargaining collectively and directly with Dartmouth College. We will be free to do our best today and tomorrow with fair compensation, accountable administration, and a direct voice in our work.

Unions are the backbone of a strong society. Without unions each worker must stand on their own, but with a union the workers can stand on a more equal footing with their employers.

I think we should consider unionizing because everyone should share the work of staff advocacy. I feel like I’ve done everything I can to work for change within the current system, but I’m not convinced that what we’ve gotten so far is permanent or sustainable. I’m tired of being the last to know when a decision that affects my career and personal life is made. I want workers to have a guaranteed role in the negotiating process.

I look forward to joining with my colleagues to form a library workers union. Together we can build a more equitable and dynamic workplace here within the Dartmouth community. I believe in defending workers’ rights and working towards more fairness and transparency in our library. Becoming leaders in all the respective fields our library touches relies on us working together. The best avenue for that professional success is through a union that supports the best interests of all library workers.