BOSTON, MA 02108

PHONE: 617-367-6000

Executive Office

The Executive Office ensures effective leadership, management, accountablilty, and oversees all AFSCME Council 93 operations across Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The office sets the prioities and goals for Council 93 and serves on various boards, commissions, and committiees to advocate for our membership.

Legislation, Communications, & Political Action

The Department of Legislation, Political Action and Communications serves as the lead advocate for AFSCME Council 93 members in the Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont State Legislatures. The department also spearheads union efforts to elect pro-labor, pro-working family candidates to public office in the four-state region. In addition, department staff members serve as the lead spokespersons for the Council in matters involving the media and other public forums.

Legal Department

The Legal Department represents our members and our Locals in hearings before administrative agencies, courts, and arbitrators throughout the four-state jurisdiction of the Council. They also provide legal advice to Council staff, Local leaders, and members in interpreting contract language, laws, precedent, regulations, and policies that have an effect on the working conditions of the union membership.

Business Office

The Business Office is responsible for all financial matters of Council 93. The office collects, records and processes all receipts and disbursements of the union in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The results are then reported to the Council Executive Board and to all appropriate Federal and State agencies. In addition, the Business Office processes dues receipts for over 225 local unions, paying per capita taxes to AFSCME International and issuing rebate checks to all of our local unions. It also maintains the membership files for Council 93.

Field Services and Organizing 

The Field Services and Organizing Department manages the day-to-day interactions and concerns of Council 93 members and locals throughout our four state region as well as growing Council 93 through organizing workers in both the public and private sector. Council 93 field staff are responsible for negotiating contracts, representing members in disiplinary matters, and providing guidance and assistance in labor/managment interactions.   

Membership Mobilization 

The Membership Mobilization Department coordinates training and out reach oppotunities for Council 93 leaders and rank-and-file members to help develop the skills necessary to better represent their members, build stronger locals, and strengthen the labor movement.