Local 1368

Dear AFSCME Member,

Since our contract expired last June, Governor Baker has been stringing our members along with promises of a serious contract offer. As negotiations have dragged on with nothing concrete coming from the governor or his staff, thousands of Council 93 Unit 2 members—and thousands of other public employees—have been going to work day in and day out to keep the commonwealth running during these unprecedented times.

As you may have heard by now, Governor Baker finally presented us with his “serious offer” and it is nothing short of disgraceful. A one-time 1.5% bonus in year one (July 1, 2020), followed by 2% raise in year two, and a 2% raise in year three. In any other year, these proposals would be insulting, but coming off a year when thousands of AFSCME members have been on the frontlines of the worst global health crisis in over a century Governor Baker should be ashamed of himself. While thousands of state workers have enjoyed the luxury of working safely from the confines of their homes, you have continued to report faithfully to work. You are providing critical and compassionate care to some of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable populations and delivering many other essential public services, despite the risks to your health and the health of your families.

Massachusetts continues to show strong signs of growth as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tax revenues are $1.4 billion above benchmarks and Massachusetts is earmarked to receive nearly $8 billion in federal aid from the American Rescue Plan help the state, cities, and towns recover from the economic impacts from the pandemic.

You and your families deserve better. Governor Baker’s disdain for his state workforce has become apparent throughout the course of the pandemic. You deserve a boss who respects and values the work that you provide to the citizens of the Commonwealth. As household income in Massachusetts continues to rises, Governor Baker’s state workforce is falling further and further behind. You deserve better, and I promise you that we will not sit silently by as the governor ignores the very real and pressing needs our members and their families.

I am in awe each and every day of the work that all Council 93 members have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You deserve a fair contract that you can be proud of and we will not rest until we get that contract reflects the empty promises that Governor Baker has made time and time again.

In Solidarity,

Mark Bernard

Executive Director


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