Council 93 Endorsement Profile: David Zuckerman, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Vermont

For Vermont Lieutenant Governor, the Council 93 Executive Board voted in early June, 2022 to endorse David Zuckerman. David formerly held the position of Lt. Governor but gave up the position two years ago to run for Governor. He’s back this year and we’d really like to see him in the Lt. Governor’s office again.

David is a strong supporter of unions and AFSCME has a solid and long-standing relationship with him. In his first few weeks in office as the state’s Lt. Governor, David sent a clear message that our ideas and goals were important to him by convening monthly meetings with union leaders in his office at the State House in Montpelier. Prior to serving as Lt. Governor, David served in the Vermont legislature from 1997 – 2016, first as a State Representative and then as a State Senator. Throughout his tenure in the legislature one of his signature issues was increasing wages for working people. He introduced bills to increase wages and support workers in almost every legislative session, and was instrumental in both pushing the state legislature to increase the minimum wage and eventually insuring that it was indexed to inflation. In the Senate, he sponsored a bill that would insure a livable wage for employees of Vermont State Colleges and the University of Vermont. In 2013, he worked with other Senators to pass Act 31, which targets pay equity, expands protections against discrimination, and assists businesses and employees in striking a work/family balance.

While the duties of Lt. Governors vary from state to state, the powers of the office in Vermont are significant and are much like our country’s Vice President. In Vermont, the Lt. Governor presides over the State Senate and casts votes in the event there is a tie among Vermont’s thirty State Senators. In addition, Vermont elects their Lt. Governor separately from the Governor, which means David would provide us with a strong, alternative, statewide voice, as he did when he served in the position during Republican Governor Phil Scott’s first term. Scott is seeking re-election to a fourth term and is widely expected to win that race. We respectfully urge our members to support David Zuckerman for Lieutenant Governor in the Vermont primary election on August 9, 2022. Click here to find out more.