Taunton State Hospital Opens Debate Over Mental Health Care 06/10/2012

Taunton State Hospital closure opens debate over mental health care
Source: Taunton Daily Gazette

This March, after Gov. Deval Patrick announced plans to close Taunton State Hospital, 200 union members, mental health advocates, patients and their families, converged on the State House’s Gardner Auditorium to urge a delay.

In between chants of “stop and study” former patient Timothy Grabosky told the rally how the hospital helped transform his life, allowing him to move into his own apartment, and attend Bristol Community College.

“I would not be standing here if it was not for Taunton State Hospital,” Grabosky said. “My story is one of many.”

The debate over the fate of the 158-year-old institution, now in the hands of a legislative committee, involves questions of how and where to treat the mentally ill while balancing a tough budget.