URGENT MA LEGISLATIVE UPDATE- Submit COVID-19 Retirement Credit Testimony Today

On July 21st,  the Joint Committee on Public Service will be holding hearings on H2808 and S1669 which provide a three-year pension credit for frontline public-sector workers.

For almost a year and a half, tens of thousands of essential Massachusetts public-sector workers faithfully reported to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the continued delivery of critical public services.

Despite personal risk to themselves and their families, they leave the safe confines of their homes every day to provide the vital public services that the people of Massachusetts rely on and often take for granted.

Your bravery, sacrifice, and service deserves recognition.

While Council 93 has been diligently and aggressively lobbying on behalf of our members to pass this important legislation, our legislators need to hear from YOU - the men and women who were on the frontlines during the pandemic.

Will you please take a few minutes to share your story?

Written or pre-recorded testimony is strongly encouraged, and may be submitted to the Committee via email to [email protected]. Please indicate the bill numbers in the subject of your email- H2808 and S1669.

The committee will accept written or pre-recorded testimony through
Wednesday, July 28th at 5:00PM.


  •        Where do you work?
  •        What do you do for work?
  •        Why was your job essential?
  •        How did working during the pandemic impact you and your family?
  •        Was any of your work directly related to COVID-19?
  •        Did you or any of your co-workers get sick?
  •        How will the pension credit benefit you and your family?
  •        Talk about the fear you have felt having to report to work during a pandemic and the stress of possibly of you or your family members contracting COVID-19.

Simply speak or write from the heart to tell the committee your story and what this legislation would mean to you!

Please share your story so you and your fellow essential frontline public employees get the recognition you deserve.