Why we want a union......

"A union would let us take responsibility for negotiating the terms and conditions we’d like to have every day of our working lives. And we are the best people to secure our own best interests." - Librarian

"My fellow organizers have displayed strength, integrity, honesty, and a profound commitment to bettering the lives of everyone, whether or not they support our union. And I know the same attributes and values will secure the best possible contract for us all and protect our interests in the future." - Librarian

"Unions haven’t been part of the working lives of many Americans for generations. And we can clearly see that has been to everyone’s detriment. I want all of us to be part of the change that improves workers' lives and puts our interests first." - Librarian

"The best way to secure a dynamic, innovative, and effective Library is through bargaining collectively and directly with Dartmouth College. We will be free to do our best today and tomorrow with fair compensation, accountable administration, and a direct voice in our work."- Librarian

"I believe our union is the best way to promote the interests of library workers whose voices have been unheard and for whom the promise of “equity” has been nothing but a word."- Librarian 

"One of the words we hear over and over from Administration is 'transparency' but with very few instances of that being put into practice, and only at the whim of said Administration. Having a union would enforce that transparency process." - Library Worker 

"I'd really like staff to have some kind of say in the decisions that affect us, our work, and our spaces. I understand the administration is always balancing many considerations, but it never feels good when we are the last ones to know when a big decision gets made." - Library Worker 

"As library workers, we keep the heart of Dartmouth College beating and it's not fair to not have a seat at the table given our relevance in the community. Unionizing and leveraging our collective power will give us that seat at the table." - Library Worker