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The legislation now moves to the Senate for a vote where it is subject to further amendments, including those that would expand the incentive to more employees. Any differences between the House and Senate legislation will need to be resolved by a six-member conference committee before a final bill can be sent to the governor to be signed into law.
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Massachusetts State and Public Higher Education Workers: Can you afford any additional increases in out-of-pocket expenses for your GIC healthcare coverage? If your answer is NO, please make plans now to attend our April 2, Public Employee Lobbying Day. Your attendance at this event will make a real difference in this fight.
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these dedicated, unsung heroes have pushed themselves to their limits to keep our roads and highways safe for passage. Many were away from their homes and families for several days at a time and worked with just a few hours of sleep in between 12- to 14-hour shifts. Not only did their work get us safely to and from our jobs, it saved lives by ensuring that public safety and EMS workers were able to do their jobs. Of course, their work did not end when the snow stopped falling. Public works crews are still going about the difficult task of digging out fire hydrants, removing snow from the roofs of public buildings and clearing our sidewalks and streets of the massive snow banks that snarl traffic and create safety hazards for pedestrians and drivers.


We at Council 93 know how hard you work each and every day on the job. As your Executive Director and your President, we want to assure you that we are continuously striving to match your hard work by finding new, better and more efficient ways to provide you with the quality representation and service that you deserve. Read More
Working within a diverse array of fields ranging from correctional officers to school cafeteria workers, Council 93 members are a vital component of the essential public services that keep our states, municipalities and public facilities safe, clean, and running smoothly. Read More
As an AFSCME member, you know you always have an advantage at the bargaining table. But did you also know your AFSCME membership can provide you with a big advantage when you shop? Through the AFSCME Advantage Program, you can secure big discounts on everything from travel to cell phone service. Read More



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