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Where's our 3 percent raise? - John Chambers reports from Burlington on a battle involving union workers and their supporters at one of the largest employers in the state of Vermont. The Howard Center in Burlington, VT LAST YEAR, representatives of AFSCME Council 93 successfully pushed for state legislation in Vermont to appropriate additional funds for a small but much-needed 3 percent wage increase for direct-care service providers at the Howard Center, the state's largest human services organization, with programs ranging from crisis and counseling services to support for individuals with disabilities. The funds were transferred to the Howard Center on November 1 of last year--but none of the money found its way to Howard Center employees.
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From Taunton Gazette Jim Durkin, assistant director of legislation for AFSCME Council 93 and a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature Mental Health Advisory Commission, praised the item. Today's action by the Massachusetts House of Representatives is fantastic news for the individuals, families and many other stakeholders who rely on the high quality care delivered by the workers at Taunton State Hospital, Durkin said in a release. The 45 beds provided for in the House budget would ensure that the facility survives for another fiscal year. It also provides the strong base needed to allow the facility to expand in the future and ensures that comprehensive mental health services are available in all regions of the commonwealth.
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Burlington, VT In yet another sign that Local 1674 is becoming stronger by the day, AFSCME members working at Vermont's Howard Center turned out in force last night for a meeting of the organization's board of directors. Backed by more than a dozen community supporters and members of other AFSCME Locals, a group of about 45 Howard Center workers attended the meeting in the hope of gaining support from the board in the union's ongoing effort to secure a legislatively-mandated pay increase that Howard Center management refuses to pass on to the workers. The three-percent increase was due last November but the workers have yet to receive a single penny more in their paychecks. Even worse, management is attempting to credit a previously negotiated 1.6 percent pay increase towards the three percent owed to workers.

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