End the GPO-WEP Today!

The Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) to Social Security are a threat to all working people and are completely unacceptable.

The GPO and WEP wrongfully strip hard-working people of the full Social Security benefits they earned and paid for, simply because they are also entitled to a public pension benefit.

If politicians are willing to cut the hard-earned Social Security benefits of some public service retirees, they'll do it to others too.

The good news is that AFSCME members have shown that when we stand together, we can get things done -- like the passing of the American Rescue Plan. Now, we're using our collective voice to stand in solidarity with our fellow public service retirees and future retirees by calling on Congress to support the full repeal of the GPO-WEP provisions.

It's time to fully repeal GPO-WEP! Help us send a clear signal that we won't stand for any cuts to Social Security by adding your name to our petition today.

No one should see cuts to their Social Security benefits, but GPO-WEP reduces some public service retirees' Social Security benefits by 55%. Other retirees have even seen their benefits reduced to zero.

The GPO-WEP is not just a retiree issue! Any future retirees who will collect a public pension will see their hard earned Social Security benefits slashed if we don't stop this now! You and your spouse could be next!

We cannot stand by as 25% of public service retirees are unfairly punished because of other earnings or pensions -- not to mention GPO-WEP disproportionately hurts lower- and middle- income retirees. We need to take action now.

Add your name to stand in solidarity with public service retirees affected by GPO-WEP.