"Right-to-Work" in Wrong for New Hampshire!

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate passed an unnecessary and divisive “Right-to-Work” bill out of their chamber. We'll be blunt, this bill will drive down wages, benefits and workplace safety across the state. As we head to the House of Representatives, we’ll continue to fight this bill with everything we have.

Click here to send your State Representative a letter telling them to oppose Right-to-Work, and to stand up for working families.

Study after study shows that these laws, backed by corporate special interests, are wrong for New Hampshire. But this law isn’t intended to help our state; this law is about making it harder for working people to stand together in a strong union and negotiate for a better life. It’s about silencing working people’s voices.

Click here and send a letter today.

The special interests behind the “Right-to-Work” bill, and other anti-union attacks in the state legislature, want to take away our freedom to negotiate in strong unions for a better life. They know by making it harder for us to stand together it will be easier to take more power and wealth for themselves.

Please, write a letter today and tell your Representative that “Right-to-Work” is wrong for New Hampshire.