AFSCME is committed to helping you get the student debt relief you deserve.

The 2022 AFSCME Council 93 Memorial Scholarship winners were recently announced. Each year, the AFSCME Council 93 Memorial Scholarship Fund provides five individual one-thousand dollar ($1,00

For nearly forty years, the harmful and unjust Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) have robbed millions of retirees of tens of thousands of dollars in hard-earn

Council 93 Executive Director Mark Bernard is calling on Governor Baker to ensure AFSCME members get well-deserved pay increases in the next state contract. Thousands of Council 93 members have been courageously serving on the front lines of the pandemic for the past year.

They deserve a fair pay raise!  

AFSCME President Lee Saunders praised the House of Representatives for passing the American Rescue Plan on Saturday and urged the Senate to follow suit as soon as possible.

There is good news for AFSCME members looking to pursue higher education. AFSCME Free College has made its bachelor’s degree completion program a permanent benefit.

That means that AFSCME members and their families can earn a bachelor’s degree for free, making an even wider choice of career options a possibility for more people.

Here’s a sure sign of new leadership in Washington. There’s a renewed push to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, an idea that went nowhere when the Trump administration and anti-worker members of Congress were in power.

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate passed an unnecessary and divisive “Right-to-Work” bill out of their chamber. We'll be blunt, this bill will drive down wages, benefits and workplace safety across the state. As we head to the House of Representatives, we’ll continue to fight this bill with everything we have.

The coronavirus pandemic won’t be controlled until states, cities, towns and schools – and particularly health departments – have the funding they need from the federal government, says AFSCME Retiree Sue Conard.

Conard should know. She spent 24 years as a public health nurse serving Wisconsin’s La Crosse County. One of her many areas of expertise? Immunization.

Call today to urge Congress to Fund the Front Lines!
Senate call in # 1.888.981.9704
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Americans agree — 74% of the public says it’s “extremely important” for federal aid to prioritize states, cities, counties and schools, especially Medicaid and education.

For nearly a year, public service workers –